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Not just a CRM

SonarCX is an AI-powered all-in-one Customer Experience Management Platform. Easy to implement and integrate into your Agency Management System.


Omni-Channel Conversations

Give your customers the freedom to connect with you whenever and however they want. With SonarCX, you get a single view of all your communications with a client through channels like Live Chat, SMS, Voice Calling, Email, and WhatsApp.

SonarCX orchestrates a continuous lifetime conversation across multiple digital channels for each of your clients.

Task Management & Team Chat

Your clients can tell from interacting with your agency whether or not your team runs like a well-oiled machine. So we want to help you make every experience count.

Task Management and Team Chat make collaborating on customer files and projects easy and effective - your clients will take notice. And as an Agency owner or supervisor, you have complete visibility into the progress your team has made on assigned tasks.

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Knowledge Base

The insurance industry is both broad and deep. Centralizing this knowledge is a must. It puts information at your agents' fingertips, making them more efficient. You will get consistency across your agency as you can replicate decisions supported through technology and best practices. Centralized knowledge will also make training and onboarding of new staff more efficient.

Get complete control of which teams can access which knowledge documents. Share internally with staff or externally with your customers. 


Our AI engine will analyze your client data and provide recommendations on upselling and cross-selling opportunities as you talk to your clients.

On Average, 61% of policyholders have only one policy with their agent. Therefore, if you are not efficiently cross-selling and up-selling, there is a missed opportunity to provide your clients with better coverage, boost commissions, improve customer experiences and increase customer retention.


Roles and Permissions

Create Teams and Custom Roles to get ultimate control to limit who sees what. In addition, you can create Inboxes, assign teams to those Inboxes and automatically route conversations and tasks to the right teams.

Create custom fields on your client profile and tasks to capture and centralize your data. 

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