Release Notes

April 14

  • The biggest change you will see is the option to add FAQs/Updates to the Chat Widget - your customers love finding answers on their own if you make it easy!
  • Improved responsiveness on notifications to access them on the go from your mobile device.
  • Introduced responsive chat bubble menus, so your customers have a better experience when contacting you from their mobile devices.
  • Improved sending and receiving images in Team Chat.
  • Made the login experience is little smoother.
  • Increased styling on widget timeline.
  • You can now send and receive attachments from your customers through your website Chat Widget.
  • You can now show some emotion with an Emoji Library!!
  • You can now select which communication channels you want visible on the chat widget.
  • We made it much easier for you to visually see which Categories are Public Vs. Private in tasks.
  • You can decide whether you want to share the Knowledge Base / FAQs from settings.

March 11 2022

  • Resized Chat Widget
  • Adjusted Account Settings
  • Fixed Users Not Loading Bug
  • Fixed Color Picker Bug
  • Integrated Cypress
  • Enable Copy Paste
  • Fixed @Mention Issue
  • Fixed Authentication issue in Chat Widget
  • Enabled Pagination for Dashboard Tasks Style

Feb 12 2022

  • Task Lookups now use Pagination
  • API Filter updated to search thru subtasks
  • Upgraded Validation on Channels
  • Added Avatar Fall Back Method
  • Enhanced Conversation Validation
  • Improved Guest Token Subscription
  • Checks Added for Conflicting Channels
  • Routine Socket Upgrades
  • Increased Chat Widget Responsiveness
  • Conversation Verification API Upgrades
  • Allowed Searching thru Subtasks
  • Functionality added to edit Task Categories
  • Moved Task Categories Screen & Dashboard Widgets
  • Added + Task Button to Task Dashboard, Categories and All Tasks

January 5 2022

  • Responsiveness - Mobile/responsive improvements to contacts, users lists
  • Responsiveness - Mobile responsive task list, task details pages
  • Tasks - Task dashboard with your own tasks, tasks you've assigned, and private tasks
  • Tasks - All tasks table with advanced filtering
  • Tasks - Individual table view configuration, configure and sort columns to customize each task table view
  • Tasks - Adding 'updated' date to task table and detail view
  • Chat Widget - Better chat widget functionality. Detecting when a user leaves a page and informs the agent appropriately.
  • Various bugs and usability updates

December 8 2021

  • Responsiveness - Action Bar for quick-add contact & tasks
  • Responsiveness - Contacts and Tasks modal now responsive
  • Responsiveness - Contacts and Users list screen now responsive
  • Responsiveness - Peer chat section now completely responsive
  • Responsiveness - Settings section partially responsive
  • Behavior with task title on task list updated - inline editing is now explicit.
  • Improvements to behavior with chat widget
  • Refinements to customer timeline view

November 29 2021

  • Shift+enter is now a setting that will allow you to go to the next line by pressing enter.
  • Improved formatting and styling to easily distinguish between direct chats and groups chats
  • You can now add contacts from your mobile device.
  • Full access to associated billing account (stripe integration) on the environment
  • Full chat widget integration access
  • Full roles & permission support and functionality
  • In App - Help added with Document 360 integration
  • Better flow and error screen for authentication errors
  • Dynamic behavior on chat box. Switchable.
  • Improved formatting and styling between group and peer chats
  • Improved contact added modal for mobile.
  • Better flow and error screen for authentication errors

November 8 2021

  • Chat widget settings and configuration. Ability to create & generate new chat widgets for your site
  • Support for installing chat widgets on your website
  • Ability to customize style for chat widgets, including office hours and offline behaviour
  • Roles and Permissions editing settings. Creating + editing new roles.
  • SMS compliance messages, advisory messages, STOP and CONTINUE support with full audit logs
  • Email compliance messages, with UNSUBSCRIBE support.
  • Better @mention support, display in messages
  • Better Accepting/Rejecting customer conversation workflow
  • Message information appears in tooltips
  • Previous issues with unread counts (pink dots) resolved
  • Conversations can now be assigned to agents
  • Task statuses can be edited, deleted.
  • Faster load times when loading huge numbers of users
  • Users now support types.
  • URLs now supported in messages
  • Branding upgrades

October 12 2021

  • SonarCX branding logo and update across the app
  • Widgets updated to use new script.
  • Some formatting support in messages (markdown)
  • Added the ability to configure notifications in settings
  • User types now supported across the system (ie, vendors, users, customers..)
  • Contacts/Users filtering improved

Positive customer interactions. Centralized client data. Effortless team collaboration. SonarCX brings all these elements together to eliminate inefficiencies and enhance the customer experience, while at the same time elevating your brand’s reputation.

It’s here. SonarCX is the platform your clients, your teams and your business have been waiting for. And by leveraging its unique and powerful capabilities, you can finally provide your clients with the kind of customer experience you've always wanted to deliver – intuitive, easy-to-use and exceptional. Welcome to SonarCX. Welcome to the success your business deserves.

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