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Live Chat and SMS

Personalize your clients’ experiences by communicating with them through the channels of their choice.  Integrated LiveChat, SMS, email, and MMS allow your clients to move freely across channels to engage in conversation with you, anytime, anyplace.  When all communication is recorded centrally and chronologically in their individual profiles, clients experience consistency at all touchpoints across teams.


Customer Timeline

Support your client and collaborate with your teams using the advantage of a unified view of your client.  All related cross-channel customer interactions, team conversations, tasks, notes, and gathered documents, media, and information are aggregated into the client’s unique profile.  This centralized visibility allows you to offer a deeply personalized and cohesive experience while following your client’s progression through the complete lifecycle.

Desktop and Mobile illustration
Desktop and Mobile illustration

Team Chat

Collaborate with your team members in real-time using Live Team Chat, and easily keep track of conversations relating to your client’s file.


Task Management

Manage all tasks digitally and efficiently.  Link self-assigned and peer-assigned tasks to your client’s profile.  Follow your customer’s progress through the workflow with cross-team task completion updates.  Auto-generate tasks when a lead submits a contact request on your website.  Schedule and send push notifications to prompt actions.

Desktop and Mobile illustration

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Customer Management

Client Data Management

Simplify the process and retain clients by collecting, tracking, organizing and storing your clients’ data in their individual profiles.

Risk Mitigation

Security and Privacy

Feel at ease knowing security, privacy, and risk reduction are integral functions.  Client information is stored according to data retention requirements and privacy regulations.  All client interactions and completed tasks are documented, time-stamped, and audit-ready. Errors and omissions are reduced with digitized task management and workflow.  Role restrictions and permissions are enabled.  Security risks are monitored in real-time.

Desktop and Mobile illustration
Desktop and Mobile illustration
Customer Satisfaction

Client Feedback

Gain insights into your clients’ experiences with a post-conversation satisfaction survey.  Identify and implement needed improvements using this valuable feedback to ensure successful customer journeys.

Brand Awareness

Chat Widgets

Provide a hatchway for your leads on your website with customized LiveChat widgets that best represent your brand. Tailor your widgets by setting office hours and by adding multiple chat widgets with individual settings.

Desktop and Mobile illustration
Desktop and Mobile illustration
Operations Management


Manage your customer service operations and improve your processes with a digital dashboard that offers a consolidated view of important insights.

Positive customer interactions. Centralized client data. Effortless team collaboration. SonarCX brings all these elements together to eliminate inefficiencies and enhance the customer experience, while at the same time elevating your brand’s reputation.

It’s here. SonarCX is the platform your clients, your teams and your business have been waiting for. And by leveraging its unique and powerful capabilities, you can finally provide your clients with the kind of customer experience you've always wanted to deliver – intuitive, easy-to-use and exceptional. Welcome to SonarCX. Welcome to the success your business deserves.

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