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About SonarCX

SonarCX is an AI-powered all-in-one Customer Experience Management Platform. Easy to implement and integrate into your Agency Management System.


Our Story

My name is Jas, and I am the founder and CEO of SonarCX. Like most consumers today, I value my time and prefer dealing with businesses that provide instant and personalized experiences rather than just a service. Unfortunately, many companies today have difficulty delivering on this expectation, which puts them in a challenging position, with names like Amazon setting expectations for how experiences are provided. 


I have had several bad experiences making an insurance claim to the point where I lost money in both cases. In one case, I decided to forgo the claim as the Insurance Agent, and the Insurance Company wasted an incredible amount of my time. However, when I spoke to other professionals in the Insurance Industry, it seemed that my experience was not uncommon. 


When Nihalife and I connected, Gurpreet (Founder and COO of Nihalife) struggled to figure out how to stitch together systems so that he could provide his clients with white glove service while being able to scale his operations. We have since patterned up to build a Customer Experience Management platform that is holistic yet accessible for Agencies who want to deliver customer experiences and also scale their operations.

Our Team

Grow Your Agency With The Right Platform

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