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Software platform for digitizing your business and managing customer relations

Need help digitizing your business? We're here for you. At SonarCX, we work closely with you to understand your needs and set up a platform tailored specifically to your needs.

SonarCX is a user-friendly platform designed to elevate your customer experience game.
With all the tools you need in one place, you can streamline your operations and achieve amazing results.

Solving Challenges of Disconnected Customer Communications

Are you tired of having your client communication scattered across different places? It's frustrating for both you and your customers. With SonarCX, all your communications from various channels are brought together in one central hub.

This means your customers no longer have to repeat information and everyone on your team will have access to the complete history of each customer. Say goodbye to lengthy resolution times for customer inquiries.

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Centralize and Secure Customer Information.png

Centralize customer information and keep it secure.

Are you storing client information in different systems that don't talk to each other? It's time-consuming and risky. SonarCX solves this problem by consolidating customer data into one secure location. We can seamlessly integrate SonarCX with your existing systems, so you won't have to switch between multiple applications.

This saves you time while ensuring the security of your customer information.

Track customer requests and improve accountability

Do you sometimes miss customer requests? It's a common issue, but with SonarCX, you can track all your inquiries in one place. Assign tasks to the right team members, collaborate to get things done and easily check the status and progress of client files.

Stay on top of every request and provide top-notch service to your customers.

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Empower your employees with knowledge and consistency

How do you train your employees? Are your standard operating procedures scattered across papers and documents? It's hard to keep things organized. With SonarCX, you can create a knowledge base where all your procedures and policies are easily accessible. And make articles available to your customers to enable self-service.


This improves employee onboarding and ensures consistent messaging to your customers, as everyone refers to the same centralized resource. 

Optimized and Automate Payment Processes and Increased Revenue

Are you still manually processing payments, risking missed payments and insecure storage of credit card information? With SonarCX, you get a fully integrated payment management platform. Create subscriptions, offer convenient payment options, and ensure a smooth payment process.


When you make it easy for your customers to pay, you'll see your revenue grow.

SonarCX Mobile_payments.png
SonarCX Information on Finder Tips.png

Cloud-Based and Mobile-Ready

Access SonarCX wherever you are! Our platform is cloud-based, which means you can use it anytime, anywhere. And to make things even easier, we have mobile apps available on both Apple and Google platforms.

Team Collaboration and all your centralized information are just a tap away.

Contact us to discuss your needs and start your digital transformation journey.

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